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Living Traditions of Bangladesh

Table of Contents


Section One: The FrameworkIntroductionA Historical BackgroundTraditional Art: A Theory For PracticeTraditional Art: A Project in BangladeshTraditional CraftsSection Two: Living Traditions in ClayThe Potter’s ArtTerracottaSection Three: Living Traditions in MetalMetal and MetalworkBlacksmithingBell-MetalsmithingBrass-SmithingMetal CastingMetal SculptureChasing, Engraving, and EmbossingFiligreeSection Four: Living Traditions in WeavingJamdaniNakshi KanthaMat WeavingSection Five: Living Traditions in WoodBoatbuildingWoodworkSection Six: Some Other Aspects of Material CultureVernacular ArchitectureBasketryToysRickshaw PaintingSection Seven: Noteworthy Living TraditionGoddess WorshipSection Eight: Behavioral Patterns in TraditionBehavioral Patterns of Tradition-BearersSection Nine: Visual Expressions in TraditionSignificant Symbols of Cultural IdentityLiving Traditions and MuseumsConclusionIndex (For Go to Page Press Ctrl+N)